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Songze Li

Assistant Professor

Thrust of Internet of Things
Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

My research group currently has multiple openings for postgraduate students (MPhil and PhD), postdocs, and visiting students/interns, on topics including algorithms and systems of distributed machine learning, and blockchain protocls and systems. If you are interested, please email me with your CV, transcript, and any related publications at songzeli [at] ust [dot] hk.


  • [Jan. 16, 2021] Our paper "Compressed Coded Distributed Computing" is accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Communications.

  • [Nov. 24, 2020] Excited to introduce TaiJi, the first State Machine Replication (or blockchain) consensus protocol that simultaneously achieves Bitcoin dynamic availability and unpredictability, and fast confirmation latency of BFT protocols, with provable security against fully-adaptive adversary with up to 50% hashing power.
    [arXiv] [IACR e-print] [zk Capital This Week in Blockchain Research Issue #84]

  • [Nov. 24, 2020] A shorter version of FedML whitepaper is accepted to NeurIPS 2020 SpicyFL Workshop and nominated for best paper award!

  • [Aug. 2020] Together with amazing collaborators from academia and industry, we release a software library FedML for federated learning, which allows fast prototying and experimenting research ideas across various computing environments. Please give it a try and your feedbacks are greatly appreciated.

  • [Aug. 2020] Together with my PhD advisor Salman Avestimehr, we publish a monograph on coded computing.

  • [July 2020] Our paper "PolyShard: Coded Sharding Achieves Linearly Scaling Efficiency and Security Simultaneously" is published on IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security. Congratulations Fisher, Chien-Sheng, Salman, Sreeram, and Pramod!

About Me

I am an assistant professor with the Thrust of Internet of Things at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology(Guangzhou), and I am also a visiting assistant professor with the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering at HKUST(CWB). Before that, I spent two years working as a blockchain researcher at Applied Protocol Research and Stanford University. I received my PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California, and my BSc degree in Electrical Engineering from New York University.

Research Interests

  • Secure, efficient, and scalable blockchain systems
  • ML systems
  • Coded distributed computing
  • Edge/fog computing